High Country Art Gallery

High Country Art Gallery

The High Country Art Association operates the High Country Art Gallery and Gift Shop in Pinetop, Arizona. For over 30 years, the gallery has hosted the work of professional artists as well as welcoming new and emerging artists. Fine art and fine craft are well represented.

Original works by local artists in watercolor, oils, pastels, acrylics and encaustic can be found in the gallery at reasonable prices. Photographs, prints and cards are also available. Handmade garments and handcrafted jewelry add a unique touch to the collection. Other fine craft items include pit fired pottery, fused glass, gourds, weavings, woodworking and ceramics.

The High Country Art Gallery and Gift shop is located at: 592 W. White Mountain Blvd., Pinetop, AZ. Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 802, Pinetop, AZ 85935. Phone: 928-367-3916.


Featured Artist

Richard Peel

Richard C. Peel

    Over the years I have been fascinated with use of color, pattern, and structures of various types of weaving.  While in school, I lived in a building that was filled with Navajo weaving.  Later I became familiar with the work of Native Americans in Montana and the Pacific Northwest.   My best friend introduced me to the traditional floor loom used in Europe and Colonial America.  Although I never found time to weave, the desire was there to pursue these skills someday.
    As a young adult my time became devoted to music (opera, chamber, orchestral) and to lost wax silver casting.  After an early retirement I had the opportunity to learn more about weaving while volunteering in an art museum, and then to take on the challenge seriously of sitting at a loom.  I was blessed in becoming a good friend of a master weaver who had been weaving and teaching for over 70 years in New England and Arizona.  She directed my studies to include work and study in Arizona, New Mexico and New England.
    The Rocky Mountains, classical music, and the Sonoran Desert have all influenced my development as a weaver.  Many of the structures I use are guided by a piece of music, an aria, or an instrumental solo.  The music and the beauty of the mountains and deserts all play a role in my use of color and types of yarn as I weave them into patterns and structures.
    I am thinking constantly of new designs while traveling in the West, listening to music, working with other weavers, and being surrounded by other artists and their work.  These experiences create new ideas and influence already established practices.  They often work to change or modify what I am doing and a new piece gets created.



High Country Art Association - Who we are

The High Country Art Association was founded in 1974 by a small group of artists who wanted to share their love of art. At present we have over 60 members. Membership consists of many artists working in a variety of mediums. Membership is open to the general public. We have members who are neither artists nor crafts people, but they love art and being around others that share their interest. The goal of the High Country Art Association is to encourage and promote the artistic growth of the visual arts in the communities of the White Mountains. Our goal is accomplished through a variety of activities.

High Country Art Association's members operate the High Country Art Gallery and Gift Shop to showcase original works of art by local artists. Our volunteer members present the annual July 4th Arts and Crafts Festival that brings artists from all over Arizona and the Southwest. Our commitment to art education is demonstrated by our active scholarship program and workshops. High Country Art Association offers workshops by nationally known artists. These workshops are open to the public and help participating artists improve their skills.

The High Country Art Association is a 501 c(4) organization.