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          Pinetop-Lakeside artist Karen Warnick will teach a class in figure and portrait drawing at High Country Art Gallery August 5, 6, 7, 2019 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

          The class will focus on basic body structure and lines of action starting with accurate stick figures. Gesture sketching will explore showing action, motion and direction of bodies. Head structure will include shapes, placement of eyes, nose and mouth and how to capture the drawing of eyes.

          Shading techniques will be taught to emphasize cheeks, chin and hollows of the face, while techniques for adding different types of hair will be included.

          Ms. Warnick has been an art instructor for 16 years, three at Blue Ridge where she teaches classes in a various media including clay, painting, drawing, and a variety of 3D projects. Born in California, she was raised in the military traveling all over the world.

She has been in the White Mountains since 1987.

 Her art background includes a minor in art from Arizona State University besides numerous private art classes. She also taught art part time at Northland Pioneer College, and spent nine years on the Apache reservation teaching junior high art.

 The cost of the class is $60 per person for all three classes. Supplies will be provided. For more information contact 505-463-5444.

John Albin