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Jeffrey Hayes

Jeff Hayes north rim sunrise view 2[3284].jpg

     Although Jeff is just starting out as a “professional” photographic artist, he has really been a serious amateur photographer most of his life.  His father, George, was also a serious photographer.  When Jeff was growing up in Kokomo, Indiana, his dad owned the Kokomo Camera Shop and two others in Marion and Anderson, Ind.  Early on, he concentrated on black and white work and had a darkroom in the basement.  As his kids grew and they started taking family camping trips he moved on to color slides, using his trusty Leica M3 (he never went to digital).  Jeff picked up his interest in black and white, and after moving to a new house while in high school, Jeff built his own darkroom in the basement. 

     After high school, Jeff went off to Purdue University to study Aeronautical Engineering.  Meanwhile, his dad sold his business and moved the family to Tucson, Arizona.  Jeff started his engineering career in Phoenix at Garrett AirResearch in 1973.  After a 45-year career as an aerodynamicist in the jet engine business, Jeff retired in 2018 from Honeywell Aerospace (same company, different name!). 

     Over the years, photography has always been one of Jeff’s favorite hobbies.  His Olympus OM1 was his trusty companion, until he discovered digital and eventually moved on to Nikon equipment.  In 1997 Jeff and his wife Jane moved from North Phoenix to the Superstition Foothills/Mining Camp neighborhood.  As Jeff neared retirement, Jane and he started spending as much summer time as they could in Show Low and the White Mountains.  Jeff decided to turn his hobby into a more serious artistic pursuit and join Jane as a member of the High Country Art Association and the Artists of the Superstitions.  Jeff attended some photography workshops with Dale Kesel and Joanne West, both accomplished professionals.  With their encouragement Jeff felt he had made the right decision. 

     Jeff’s photographic interests are mainly landscapes, nature macro close-ups, and “patterns”.  His subjects have been found close to home (both in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains and the White Mountains), and during travels with Jane (Western U.S., Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Italy).


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