High Country Art Association Member Sharon Catt

Ever since I was a small child, I loved being creative.  I’ve always been naturally drawn to color, nature and flowers. College was the first time I took art classes. This is where I learned perspective drawing, shading, light source and modern art.  From there I have taken many classes with different juried artists.  This helped me in the use of proper techniques for drawing and painting.  All my training over the years enabled me to hone my natural childhood talent.  I was able to train with Margaret Critchley. She enabled me to water color paint with a more professional result.   I love to paint flowers and landscapes.  One day I will paint again, but right now my focus is on glass and pushing the limits.

My love for glass and rocks is what inspired me to create stained glass pieces.  The pieces are created to sit in stands, to allow them to be put most anywhere.  Since the light source is every changing, so will the stained glass art piece.  
Now that I am creating stained glass, I think of them as paintings in glass.  Each creation is hand drawn.  The drawings are brought to life with the use of glass types, colors and stones.  This venue has become a true expression of my love for color, of flowers, and of nature.
Please take the time to enjoy my works of art. 

My website is Saltriverglass.com My portfolio shows all the works already sold.  I also have a tab for ones for sale.   If you would like to purchase one of my pieces, please contact me via my contact page.  I will then check with both galleries to see if it is still available.  My art is displayed for sale from June through September, in the High Country Art Gallery, in Pinetop, Az.  It is also in the Shelago Artwerks Gallery in Tucson, Az all year long. If you see something you like and it has already been sold, or if you have specific colors you want to work with, I will create a custom piece for you.  

 Thank you for your interest in my work.



Email: sharcatt@gmail.com

Website: http://saltriverglass.com