High Country Art Association Member Sharon Elliott

Sharon has been a woodcarver since 1984. She went to the Indio State Fair and observed carvers for three hours, went home and started to carve! After many classes and workshops she has sold everything she has carved. "I still carve every day for a little while and still love doing it" Her "little people" are the things she is well-known for.....after carving 1868 of them. And, they are all numbered and signed on the bottom. Sharon also does larger carvings and enjoys doing the "Forest Faces" that she carves from the pine and fir knots that she finds on her hikes in the mountains. A little over a year ago Sharon took a class in Pinetop on watercolor painting. A new love was formed. She has sold several paintings and has continued to take some classes to improve her skill in the new endeavor. After carving in-the-round for so many years the two-dimensional aspect of painting seems to come naturally. She will continue to check out library books, go to classes and practice, practice, practice!

Email: whittlewomen@cox.net